2017 Year Round Dining Privileges with UnionPay Card

From now until December 31, 2017, enjoy fabulous dining offers at Mira Place with UnionPay Cards.

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UNIQLO Cash Voucher Redemption

From now until Dec 31

12pm – 9pm|Mira Place 1 Concierge


Receive TWO  HK$30 UNIQLO Cash Voucher# upon daily single spending of HK$400* in Mira Place restaurants with UnionPay card. Daily quota applies, while stock lasts.

#Use of Cash Vouchers is subject to the relevant terms and conditions, please refer to the overleaf of the vouchers for details. *Shoppers must present same-day original machine-printed merchant sales receipts, corresponding original card sales slip and corresponding UnionPay card upon redemption.


Terms and conditions:

  1. The promotion is valid on from 4 August to 31 December 2017 both dates inclusive (refers to “Promotion Period”).
  2. The promotion is applicable to all UnionPay Credit and ATM Cards with card number starting with 62 (refers to “UnionPay Card”) except the RMB cards issued by specific Hong Kong and Macau card issuing institutions. The qualified transaction must be settled via UnionPay network.
  3. Cardholders are entitled to receive a complimentary HK$30 Uniqlo Cash Coupon (refers to “Cash Coupon”) upon single net spending of HK$400 with an eligible UnionPay Card and settled via UnionPay network at any restaurant in Mira Place during Promotion Period.
  4. Cash Coupons are available on a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last. A quota of 3,333 Cash Coupons is available for redemption throughout the Promotion Period. Each cardholder is entitled to redeem Cash Coupon once only with the same UnionPay each day.
  5. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or special promotions (except UnionPay F&B offers in designated restaurants).
  6. Cardholders must present the same-day original copies of machine-printed sales invoice, sales slip and the corresponding UnionPay Card in person at L1 Concierge, Mira Place One on the transaction date within 12nn to 9pm for verification by staff members. No authorization to redeem Cash Coupon by any third parties is allowed. Late registration will not be accepted.
  7. Each set of machine-printed sales invoice and sale slip can be used to redeem Cash Coupon once only.
  8. This promotion will only accept original copies of machine-printed sales invoice and sale slip issued to Cardholders by restaurants from Mira Place. The original copy of sales invoice from restaurant should state the merchant name, transaction date, transaction amount and sales items clearly. The original copy of sales slip should indicate the UnionPay Card card number, merchant name, transaction date, transaction amount, valid authorization code and signature of Cardholders (if applicable) clearly. The transaction amount in both sales invoice and sales slip must be equivalent. If Cardholders cannot present the valid sales invoices, sales slips and UnionPay Card with consistent information including UnionPay Card card number, merchant name, transaction date, transaction amount etc, or the information provided by Cardholders is insufficient, Cardholders will not be able to redeem Cash Coupon for whatever reason.
  9. Split transactions will not be accepted.
  10. If only deposit is paid in that transaction, the eligible amount is the paid deposit on the same day, instead of the total amount of the transaction. The remaining balance cannot be used to participate in any other promotional activities.
  11. Eligible amount is calculated based on individual UnionPay Card card number and will only include the actual spending amount (only include the net payment amount after deduction of applicable discounts, privileged coupons or cash coupons). The transaction amount by the primary and supplementary card under the same Cardholder will be calculated separately.
  12. Merchant invoices, receipts or sales slips from the following merchants or transactions will not be accepted for the promotion: purchase of merchant coupon (e.g. bakery voucher, gift certificate), banquet, mail or fax ordering, email or phone ordering, online shopping, cancelled or refunded transaction, or other trades decided by UnionPay International Hong Kong Branch (refers to “UnionPay Hong Kong”) and Mira Place. Sales invoices, receipts or sales slips in copies, handwritten-styled or reprint will not be accepted.
  13. Cancelled, refunded, forgery and unsettled transactions are not eligible for Cash Coupon redemption.
  14. Staff members of redemption counters have the right to make photocopies of the merchant sales slips and record the Cardholder’s name, UnionPay Card card number and information on merchant sales invoices and sales slips. The personal information collected will only be used for this promotion. Provision of the above information by the Cardholders represents that Cardholders agree to the collection and understand the purpose of collection.
  15. All original copies of merchant sales invoices will be stamped by staff members of redemption counters after verification. Cardholders cannot request refund from merchants with the sales invoices that have been stamped. The transaction amount that exceeds the minimum spending requirement cannot be used in other promotion.
  16. Cash Coupon will not be re-issued in case of loss or damage. Any outstanding balance after deducting the face value of Cash Coupon must be settled with UnionPay Card. Terms and conditions apply to Cash Coupon. Please refer to the terms and conditions on back side of Cash Coupon for details.
  17. Cash Coupon cannot be cancelled, altered, transferred, refunded or exchanged for cash under any conditions once they are issued.
  18. In case of fraud or abuse, UnionPay Hong Kong and Mira Place reserve the right to disqualify the Cardholders immediately and retain the right for legal action. For any disqualified redemption/Cardholder, UnionPay Hong Kong and Mira Place reserve the right to retrieve Cash Coupon.
  19. UnionPay Hong Kong and Mira Place are neither vendor nor service provider, thus shall not take any responsibility to the products or services provided by the merchants.
  20. In case of dispute, the decision of UnionPay Hong Kong shall be final.
  21. UnionPay Hong Kong reserves the right to amend or terminate the offers and terms and conditions at any time without prior notice, and shall not bear any responsibility caused by the amendments or the terminations.
  22. UnionPay Hong Kong reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions in both Chinese and English version. In case of any discrepancy, the Chinese version shall prevail for all purposes.