Nakamura Tokichi Hong Kong Ten (NEXT)
The original Nakamura Tokichi began cultivating tea in 1854, and his family has been producing green teas ever since. Nakamura Tokichi has won commendations for its excellent yields, and on notable occasions has served its teas to Japanese Emperors. Nakamura Tokichi and has become celebrated for its green tea-based snacks and desserts. It’s handcrafted selections of ice creams and cooling jellies are imbued with the fresh, lively flavour of the teas and conceived in order to compliment and expand the calming, restorative process that drinking teas creates. For the company’s sixth-generation owners, the move to Hong Kong is an opportunity for cultural exchange and a chance further promote green tea. Nakamura Tokichi invites guests to visit, select your favorite dessert and souvenir to share with your beloved one.
Shop NameNakamura Tokichi Hong Kong Ten (NEXT)
CategoryCafé & Confectionary
AddressG65, G
Telephone852 2426 6111
Opening HoursMon - Sun: 12:00 - 22:00