So by Wine Peers
So by Wine Peers offers a wide range of wine, sake, plum wine and spirits, such as whisky, brandy, and gin, as well as our exclusive products - Jacquinot & Fils (Champagne), Wolfrest (Italian gin), Domaine de la ville rouge (French Bio-biodynamic wine), and Pierre Gruber (Burgundy wine). Apart from this, we also provide an array of gourmet food, artisan coffee and exquisite accessories. In view of connecting closely with our customers, we organize different tasting events regularly for them to gain more knowledge about wine and spirit as to build up long-term relationships with them.
Shop NameSo by Wine Peers
CategoryGourmet/ Wine/ Superstore
AddressB140, B1, Mira Place 1
Telephone2187 3406
Opening HoursMon - Sun: 12:00 - 21:00