Mira Place Membership

Membership Tiers

Mira Green Mira Pine

Birthday Rewards

TRIPLE Bonus Points during birthday month

  • TRIPLE Bonus Points during birthday month;
  • 5,000 Birthday Bonus Points Rewards;
  • Complimentary Mira Place Gift Voucher (Voucher Acceptance List) and other birthday privileges

Free Parking
(To be redeemed via “e-PARKING”)
800 points for 1 hour free parking 1 hour free parking daily (no spending required)
Year Round Merchant Offers
e-PARKING (Learn More)
Gift Redemption
Priority Gift  Redemption
Exclusive Experience
Christmas Rewards
How to Join Same day spending of HK$400 (max. 2 valid receipts from different merchants) Cumulative spending of HK$60,000 within a 365-day rolling period
Membership Validity Permanent 365 Days

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Terms and Conditions

Operated by Miramar Group (“The Group”), the terms and conditions bind on all members (“Members”) of the Mira Place membership (“Membership”) once the application form or online registration has been signed. Members of Mira Place agree and totally accept the Terms and Conditions set forth and any amendments to be made from time to time. Learn More