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Glutathione Extract Promotion Set

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DermaElements Glutathione Extract Promotion Set

Glutathione Extract 5ml 6pcs

Price: HK$1,280 (Original Price HK$1,510)

FREE: Ion Infusor (Value at HK$480)

Glutathione Extract 5ml

Cell Whitening and Anti-oxidizing Agent

Glutathione is the most powerful natural anti-oxidant that exists within the cells in animals, preventing damage to key cellular components caused by free radicals. Found throughout the tissues, fluids, and organs in the human body, glutathione is concentrated in the liver. It can maintain the immune system and protect against oxidative DNA damage. It also helps reduce the signs of aging and improve skin clarity.


Ion Infusor (Value at HK$480)

  • Promotes blood circulation and skin metabolism
  • Facilitates the discharge of toxic substances and waste
  • Streamline outlook specially designed for eyes and neck