Experience your most Rosemantic Summer with HABITŪ

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The exclusive Rosemantic All Day Tea Set is made to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace with friends or solo. Featuring the gorgeous and delectable handcrafted crostata, burger and cake, it is the very definition of romantic luxury. Each tea set comes with three Rosemantic food, plus your choice of two Rosemantic Summer drinks. Available all day at HABITŪ table for HKD248.


For a refreshing drink, choose from our Rosemantic Summer drinks which are vegan, 100% plant-based with low calorie, organic Stevia. Not only are they delightfully refreshing, but they also contain Superfoods like HABITŪ latest signature ingredient açaí, chia seeds and fresh fruits that give you an additional wellness boost.

For the promotional period until September 15, 2019, customers will have the opportunity to purchase a stunning Rosemantic leather card holder ($148), summer tote bag (+$68 upon any purchase), tattoo stickers ($38) and rose pin ($38). These fine products are available in an array of romantic, feminine colours – perfect as a gift (or a gift to celebrate yourself!).