DINE & EARN – Reward Your Way!
Up to 50% Coupon Reward of Your Choice Extra Exclusive Year-round Privileges for Members


This spring, Mira Place brings you “DINE & EARN” – F&B Rewards Program to refresh your appetite. From now until 31 May, spend at any restaurant in Mira Place to enjoy rebate of up to HK$500 or 50%.



“DINE & EARN” – Unlimited Rebate of Up to 50%

From now until 31 May|Redemption Counter: Mira Place 1 L1 Concierge


Earn unlimited cash coupon rebate every time you spend at the restaurants in Mira Place during the promotional period. Choose your own cash coupon rebate of up to 50%a or up to HK$500 upon electronic transaction of HK$400 or moreb at any restaurant!

  • Receive cash coupon(s) worth HK$500 upon spending HK$1,000 or more.
  • Receive cash coupon(s) worth HK$200 upon spending HK$400.


Dining Cash Coupons

Tsui Hang Village
HK$100 (out of stock)
Fu Ho Restaurant
HK$100 (out of stock)
Sun Tung Lok
HK$100 (out of stock)
Pizza Maru
HK$100 (out of stock)


Espresso Alchemy
HK$50 (out of stock) / HK$100
Gaia Veggie Shop
HK$50 (out of stock)
HABITŪ table
HK$50 (out of stock)
Twinkle Baker Décor
HK$50 (out of stock)




Shopping Cash Coupons



NIKE Kicks Lounge
Tokyo Lifestyle
HK$100  (out of stock) / HK$200  (out of stock)
Her Own Words
Kesalan Patharan


HK$100 (out of stock)
Private Collection



aCustomer could choose his/her own rewards from the available cash coupons. The total value of cash coupon(s) chosen must be equivalent to the entitled rebate value. Quota applies to all coupons and redemption is available while stock lasts. b2 same-day machine-printed receipts issued by merchants at maximum, at least one receipt must be issued by restaurant. Please refer to the terms and conditions for the full list of restaurants.



Exclusive Privileges for Mira Place Members and Mira Place Tower A Staff


Tempting delicacies and drinks, including  Avocado & Tomato Dip from PizzaExpress, Roasted Duck in Beijing Style from Tsui Hang Village, German Beer from Prost by King Ludwig and Yogurt Drink from so thai so good  will be available for Mira Place members to redeem with their bonus points.


Present your e-Membership Card on Mira Place App or valid Mira Place Tower A staff identification to enjoy up to 25% exclusive shopping or dining discount all year round


Participating shops include:




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Terms and Conditions

1. Full details of the promotion are available at the concierges at Mira Place 1 and Mira Place 2. Opening hours from 10am to 10pm.
2. About “Dine & Earn” promotional campaign:
2a. The “Dine & Earn” promotional campaign commences on 27th March 2020 and expires on 31st May 2020, both dates inclusive.
2b. During the promotional period, customers could receive cash coupons of designated value upon same-day electronic transaction of a designated amount:
i. By spending HK$400 to HK$999.9, customers are entitled cash coupon(s) worth HK$200.
ii. By spending HK$1,000 or more, customers are entitled cash coupon(s) worth HK$500.
2c. Customers must visit Mira Place 1 Concierge to register for and redeem the rewards. Customers must present no more than 2 same-day machine-printed receipts issued by merchants and corresponding electronic payment slips (at least one restaurant receipt; transaction under HK$100 will not be counted).
2d. Restaurants include: Burgeroom, Chateh, COCO, Cuisine Cuisine, Din Tai Fung, Espresso Alchemy, Fu Ho Restaurant, Gaia Veggie Shop, Genki Ippai, HABITŪ table, Le Bread Lab, littlescoool, Mike’s Chicken Comida de Portugal Restaurant, Pizza Maru, PizzaExpress, Prost by King Ludwig, Putien, Ramen & Bar Ippei-An, sen-ryo, so thai so good, Sorabol Korean Restaurant, STARBUCKS COFFEE, SUN TUNG LOK, The Chop House, Tsui Hang Village, Twinkle Baker Décor, Vibes, Whisk, Yamm.
2e. Customer entitled for the reward and the cardholder must be the same person. Customer could enjoy the reward more than once throughout the promotion period, but each person could only enjoy the reward once per day.
2f. Customers could choose their own rewards from the available cash coupons, in which the total value of cash coupon(s) chosen must be equivalent to the entitled rebate value. Quota applies to all coupons and redemption is available while stock lasts. Terms and conditions apply to all coupons. Please refer to the back of the coupons for details.
3. During the promotional period, customers could receive one bottle of hand sanitizer (50 ml) upon activating their Mira Place member account with electronic spending of HK$400 or more (2 same-day machine-printed receipts and corresponding electronic payment slip at maximum). Quotas apply and redemption is on a first come, first served basis while stocks last.
4. Each customer can have one member account only.
5. Year-Round Offers for Mira Place Members/ Mira Place Tower A Staff are valid through 31 December 2020.
6. Mira Place Tower A staff should present valid staff identification before payment to enjoy the year-round offers.
7. Mira Place members should present their member login page on Mira Place App before payment to enjoy the year-round offers.
8. All offers are only available at Mira Place.
9. All offers cannot be exchanged for cash or credit; or used in conjunction with any other promotion or VIP program.
10. All terms and conditions of the privilege offered by participating tenants are subject to change without prior notice. Mira Place is not responsible for the terms and conditions specific to privilege offered.
11. All year-round offers are provided by tenants. In case of any disputes, the decision of participating tenants shall be final.
12. Only actual payment counts, i.e. total spending excludes discounts/coupons/cash coupons/paid deposits/cash instalments. Actual, hand-written and reprinted receipts of Octopus card add-value, bill & membership payments, banquets, purchase or perusal of coupons/gift vouchers, parking fees, receipts issued by exhibitors or promotional booths are not accepted.
13. Mira Place shall have no legal liability related to any aspects of the redemption items (including but not limited to premium liability, quality and maintenance) provided by the suppliers, and no compensation shall be offered by Mira Place.
14. All gifts/ cash coupons cannot be exchanged for cash or other products. Lost, damaged or expired gifts will not be replaced.
15. Customers must present valid original machine-printed receipts with clear merchants’ name and transaction date for verification purposes. Staff of Mira Place reserves the right to photocopy and stamp on the receipts and registers the information for verification purposes if necessary.
16. Participating tenant is responsible for fulfilling the offer. Mira Place is not liable for any early termination, change or dispute related to the offers.
17. The above terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. In case of disputes, the decision of Mira Place shall be final.