Exciting shops and exquisite cuisine have arrived at Mira Place!


Thai Plus (Shop 206, L2, Mira Place 1) – Coming soon

Thai Plus Hainan Chicken is introduced to Hong Kong from Thailand. With the use of daily sourced ingredients to ensure the fresh taste of chicken, “To make sure customers enjoy the most authentic Thai cuisine”. Boneless Hainanese chicken with our secret Thai sauce, and the appetizing hot and sour dishes stimulate your taste buds. The chicken-boiled rice is made from slow cooked chicken broth giving it the best aroma.

KFC (Shop G37, G, Mira Place 1)

KFC is now opened at Mira Place! KFC is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain, specializing in Original Recipe, Hot & Spicy, Zinger Burger and Egg tart.

Chun Shui Tang (Shop 110C & 112, L1, Mira Place 1)

Founded in 1983, Chun Shui Tang envisions the tradition of tea enjoyment back in Tang and Song Dynasty with a modern interpretation. By innovatively using a cocktail shaker to create the world’s first hand-shaken iced tea and bubble tea, it has become a sensation not only in Taiwan but all around the world. Throughout the 35 years, Chun Shui Tang has been taking quality control as its priority. From using premium tea leaves, top-class Taiwanese sugar cane to the all-natural “pearl”, a.k.a. tapioca balls, without preservative and additive, every glass of tea is made by our well-trained tea-maker, ensuring tea lovers will enjoy the purely tasty yet healthy beverage.

Bairro à Portuguesa (Shop 171, L1, Mira Place 2)

Portugal Gourmet Shop has arrived Mira Place! Enjoy the unique taste of Portugal at home anytime!

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The Diamond Library (Shop G23, G, Mira Place 1)

Classy, sophisticated, fun, fresh all at the same time! The Diamond Library offers you a beautiful line-up of his and her diamonds that will make you fall in love with the beauty of our lab-grown diamonds. Simple, high quality lab-grown diamond jewelry all without the luxury mark-up.

Cheung Leung Kee (Shop G06, G, Mira Place 1)

Founded in 2015, Cheung Leung Kee believes that a gent is a man with genuine self-confidence and true masculinity, and therefore it’s our utmost mission to assist customers finding the right look which suits their personality and style – be a modern gentleman inside and out. While Cheung Leung Kee focused on sharing the pompadour culture to hairlovers as a start, we have now expanded to provide all kinds of men’s grooming products including hair styling, shaving, beard care, fragrances and personal care and now have 3 brick and mortar in Hong Kong, along with online retail store. In 2020, we have developed our own barbershop line – Kingsland Barber, to offer a more comprehensive grooming services including hair cut, wet shaving, eyebrow shaping and beard trimming to customers.

Hisso (Shop G07A, G, Mira Place 1)

Design with passion, inspired by daily life. When you walk on the street, inspiration comes. With street comes lifestyle. Founded in 2011, Hisso is a local design brand, featuring quality casual streetwear with playful American retro style. Our name reflects our design process, with “H” standing for Harmonious, “I”for Inspiring, Double “S” for soul-stirring, “O”for Optimistic . We always want to reveal the authentic urban lifestyle by mean of fashion, and more.

Out of Colours (Shop 110B, L1, Mira Place 1)

Out of Colours is redefining the world of beauty by introducing unlimited colours customisation to beauty. We encourage you to be the trendsetter. Everyone is different – and we should be proud! It’s time to embrace your uniqueness and showcase your personality at Out of Colours.

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