Free Parking Promotion

Enjoy 1 hour free parking (valid daily; no limitation on parking hours) upon same-day electronic spending of HK$800 or more (max. 2 machine printed receipts with each valued at HK$100 or more).


Redemption Counter: Mira Place 1, G/F Concierge (near Gyu-Kaku Buffet)


Existing Mira Place members
Existing Mira Place members could also redeem parking hour with 800 bonus points on Mira Place App.


Step 1 – Before leaving the car park, go to “My Bill” and select “Redeem with Bonus Points”

Step 2 – Select “Redeem Now” to redeem Parking Hour with bonus points

Terms & Conditions of 1 Hour Free Parking Promotion

  1. Full details of this parking privilege is available at the concierges in Mira Place.
  2. “1 hour free parking promotion” valid until further notice.
  3. During the Promotion Period, Mira Place members could redeem ONE 1 hour free parking coupon from Mira Place 1 Concierge upon spending HK$800 or more by electronic payment. Member must present not more than TWO valid machine-printed receipts issued by merchant on the same day (receipt amount must be HK$100 or above).
  4. Free parking coupon is valid for same-day use only (i.e. before 23:59 PM). All free parking coupons cannot be exchanged for cash or other products. Lost, damaged or expired coupons will not be replaced.
  5. Each private car can use only one free parking coupon at a time. Free parking coupon redeemed in this promotion could not be used in conjunction with the 2 hours free parking coupon issued by merchants.
  6. Member using “Touch-free Access” function to enter car park could scan the barcode on the free parking coupon redeemed in “My Bill” for immediate use before registered vehicle exits the car park.
  7. Free parking coupon redeemed in this promotion cannot be used in conjunction with the free parking hours redeemed with bonus points through “e-Parking”.
  8. This promotion is only applicable to private cars. Each member could enjoy the offer once daily.
  9. Hourly rates will apply when free parking coupon is used. Day Park / Night Park Special will not apply.
  10. Mira Place may from time to time restrict use of the car park or any park of it without prior notice, refund or compensation due to capacity limitations , to ensure safety, security or order or if Mira Place considers that the circumstances so require.
  11. Customers must present the valid original machine-printed receipts with clear merchants’ name, transaction date, amount and time for verification purposes. Staff of Mira Place reserves the right to photocopy and stamp on the receipts and registers the information, including driving license number for verification purposes if necessary.
  12. Only actual payment counts, i.e. total spending excludes discounts/coupons/cash coupons/paid deposits/cash instalments. Actual, hand-written and reprinted receipts of Octopus card add-value, bill & membership payments, banquets, purchase or perusal of coupons/gift vouchers, parking fees, receipts issued by exhibitors or promotional booths are not accepted.
  13. Receipts from Phillip Wain, SQUINA, Miramar Travel and other tenants of Mira Place Tower A are not included in this promotion campaign.
  14. Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. In case of disputes, the decision of Miramar Group shall be final.