Conceived as a celebration of craftsmanship and couturier confectionaries to mark memorable moments and life’s special occasions, Bombshell is a collection of uniquely designed patisserie masterpieces handcrafted with 3D elements by a team of talented pastry artists to create unforgettably fun-filled experiences for like-minded trendsetters in town. With an affinity for artful aesthetic, Bombshell prides itself on its signature, meticulously refined design process which is a journey of collaboration between the team of designers who put precision at heart to envision the essence of the creation and the team of and pastry masters who embody the spirits of the Bomb through the heartfelt tribute to craftsmanship, raising simple perfection to the purest form of art with the finest home-made patisseries and confectionaries.
Shop NameBombshell
CategoryCafé & Confectionary
Address201, L2, Mira Place 1
Telephone6388 5254 , 6388 9758
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