"Taste those slightly drunken changes" What does it feel like to be just right? A cup of lightly smoked drink which lets the good aftertaste of the aroma linger at this moment. MAYFUN has baristas in charge every season and exclusively brews specialty coffee, slightly smoked alcoholic beverages matched with a custom-made dessert. Savor the changes these products bring to you, adding to the icing on the cake for a light drinking night. On a leisurely or busy day, take a sip of a special drink full of wine aroma, hot-drunken and sentimental, remove the heat through the cooling taste buds, and sweep away the depression in your heart. The just right into exication is memorable, and with the slightly warm body temperature, it makes you enjoy the time of relaxation and healing. The main color of the shop is in black decoration, combined with yellow sunset style decoration and moon-shaped decoration that makes it instagrammable, creating a slightly intoxicating atmosphere.
CategoryCafé & Confectionary
Address303, L3, Mira Place 1
Opening HoursMon - Sun: 11:00 - 18:00