Mille Mele Tokyo
Mille Mele Tokyo is a Japanese brand created by award-winning chef Marco Polo Molinari. This famous brand opened up in 2018 with three store locations across Yokohama and Kamakura in Japan. Mille Mele Tokyo's signature pie is "World's No.1 Apple Pie", which consisted of layers of buttery and flaky pastry, wrapping creamy custard and soy milk yogurt from Japan, and slow-cooked Fuji apples. Every pie is freshly baked and customers can enjoy the crunchy and delightful "World's No.1 Apple Pie" immediately or at home!
Shop NameMille Mele Tokyo
CategoryCafé & Confectionary
AddressG65, G, Mira Place 2
Telephone2398 8812
Opening HoursMon - Sun: 12:00 - 22:00