Not only a shopping and dining destination, Mira Place also offers attentive customer service including:

  • General Enquiries
  • 24-hour Service Hotline
  • Free Wi-Fi Service
  • Gift Redemption
  • Mobile Battery Charging Service
  • Baby Room
  • Baby Diaper Supply
  • Milk-warming Utensils Supply
  • Hand Sanitizer Supply
  • Shopping & Dining Directories
  • Raincoat Supply
  • First Aid Service
  • Body Temperature
  • Wheelchair Lending
  • Lost & Found service
  • Assistance for Lost & Found Kids
  • Parking Privilege
  • Membership Registration
  • Bonus Point Registration
Terms and Conditions on pets visiting Mira Place

Mira Place welcomes pets to enter. When pet owners bring pets into Mira Place (Mira Place 1 shopping mall, Tower A office, car park and Mira Place 2 shopping mall), pet owners are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the rules and regulations.
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