Mira Place Membership

How to Earn Bonus Points


With Mira Place’s latest “Upload Receipt” function, gift redemption has never been easier. Instead of lining up at the Concierge, simply use the Mira Place App to register the receipts wherever you are within 30 days from the date of transaction, and earn triple bonus points in your birth month.


Step 1

Spend HK$100 or above at Mira Place using electronic payment


Step 2
Register the Receipt

Select “Upload Receipt” from “My Account”


Choose “Shop Category” • Upload valid receipt and matching electronic payment slip

(Max. spending amount valid for each receipt uploaded: HK$5,000)


Step 3
Complete Registration

Mira Place will review the submission within 5 working days . Upon approval, bonus points will be added to member’s account automatically

(Upper limit for Bonus Point registration per transaction day:  30,000 Bonus Points – Mira Green/ 50,000 Bonus Points – Mira Pine)


Step 4
Redeem Gifts

Select a Gift • Pick up at Concierge within 14 Days

Download Mira Place App


Terms and Conditions

Operated by Miramar Group (“The Group”), the terms and conditions bind on all members (“Members”) of the Mira Place membership (“Membership”) once the application form or online registration has been signed. Members of Mira Place agree and totally accept the Terms and Conditions set forth and any amendments to be made from time to time. Learn More