Mira Place Membership

Terms and Conditions



Operated by Miramar Group (“The Group”), the terms and conditions bind on all members (“Members”) of the Mira Place membership (“Membership”) once the application form or online registration has been signed. Members of Mira Place agree and totally accept the Terms and Conditions set forth and any amendments to be made from time to time.

  1. The provision of personal data by means of application form is voluntary. Each applicant for Membership is required to supply all the personal data and other information requested in the Application Form (except those specified to be not obligatory) in order to enable The Group to consider his/her application. Failure to do so may result in The Group being unable to process the application. If the application is successful, further personal data and information may be collected during the period when a Member’s Membership continues.
  2. It is entirely voluntary for Member to provide personal data which is not marked as “mandatory” in the Membership Registration Form.
  3. Except as mentioned in paragraph 1 above, personal data provided by Member will be used by Miramar Group for the purposes of:
    1. Processing any administration, continuation and termination of your membership;
    2. Processing any application for membership;
    3. Assessing and/or verifying information supplied to Miramar Group;
    4. Conducting researches and/or analysis to understand customers’ needs so as to provide better facilities, services and/or products;
    5. Providing club services, including providing privileges, benefits and other advantages to Members and rallying and arranging for the same to be provided by any other person including any member of the Group or any other firm, company, corporation, body or organisation (collectively, a “Relevant Person”);
    6. Designing new and/or enhancing existing facilities, services and/or products offered by Mira Place, any member of the Group or any Relevant Person from time to time;
    7. Providing Member services, including providing privileges, benefits and other advantages to Mira Place Members and improving or arranging for the same to be provided by any other person including any member of the Group or any other firm, company, corporation, body or organisation (collectively, a “Relevant Person”);
    8. Encouraging feedback from Members on exclusive offers, facilities, services and/or products of Mira Place, any member of the Group or any Relevant Person.
    9. Matching Member Information, in connection with the purposes set out in the Paragraph, against any data held by Miramar Group for whatever purpose (whether or not with a view to taking any adverse action against the Member)
    10. Providing information related to the Member, including the products, facilities, services and other privileges, benefits other advantages and promotional materials from time to time offered by Mira Place, its merchants or service providers.
    11. Any other purpose(s) which has been agreed by or notified to Member.
  4. The Group strives to preserve the confidentiality and security of all the personal information which The Group may collect. Miramar Group shall have absolute right to disclose, transfer and/or exchange any such data and information to any and all of the following persons or entities for the purposes mentioned in paragraph 1 and 2:
    1. any member of the Group; and/or
    2. any Relevant Person; and/or
    3. any agent, contractor or third party service provider who provides administrative, computer, technology outsourcing, cloud services, payment, data processing, marketing and other services to Mira Place members or any member of the Group in connection with the operation of our business and the provision of our facilities, services and/or products to the customers.
  5. The Group will keep your personal data only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose which the data was collected. The Group may also retain archived personal data for statistical purposes. Personal data which are no longer required will be destroyed.
  6. Each Member has the right to request access to and correction of any of his/her personal data established to be inaccurate. The Group has the right to charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any data access request. Any data access request or data correction request may be made in person at Concierge, Mira Place 1. The Group will comply with any such request unless it may or is required to refuse to do so under the applicable laws and regulations
  7. In case of any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with the membership and promotion campaigns (including but not limited to gift redemption, gift vouchers, cash coupons and discounts), Miramar Group/ participating merchants reserve the right of final decision.
  8. The Group reserves the right to amend, cancel or suspend membership at any time. For any offers and/or rewards and/or food & beverage items and/or services given under the loyalty program, the use of the offers and/or rewards and/or food & beverage items and/or services will be subject to the terms and conditions imposed by respective merchants. The Group and the respective merchants reserve the rights to change or cancel the offers and modify the terms and conditions at any time without further notice.
  9. In case of disputes, members are required to provide the relevant original sales receipts and credit card sales slips for inspection and investigation by the Group. Your participation in the membership program is governed by these Terms and Conditions and any other terms and conditions specified by The Group from time to time. If any dispute arises in relation to the membership program, The Group’s decision or (if applicable) the relevant merchant’s decision is final. Such dispute may include (a) any dispute over your eligibility for participation, your entitlement to benefits, records of redemption or other activities or transactions, or (b) any dispute between you and any merchant participating in the membership program.
  10. This Terms & Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong Special Administration Region and the parties hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts.
  11. A person who is not a party to this Agreement has no right to enforce any terms of this Agreement under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance (Cap. 623).
  12. There are (3) tiers of Mira Place membership: General member, Mira Green and Mira Pine.
    1. “General member” – Customer will automatically become general member after downloading Mira Place APP and submitting the information required.
    2. “Mira Green” – General member will be eligible to upgrade to Mira Green member upon cumulative spending of HK$400 within a single day (2 same-day machine-printed/ handwritten receipts issued by different merchants and corresponding electronic payment slips at maximum. The receipt amount must be HK$100 or above). Eligible member should register the receipt and payment slip by presenting to Concierge at Mira Place 1 or uploading through Mira Place App within 30 days from the transaction date for the upgrade. Mira Green membership is valid for life.
    3. “Mira Pine” – Mira Green member will be eligible to upgrade to Mira Pine member upon cumulative spending of HK$60,000 within a 365-day rolling period and upon approval from Mira Place.  Mira Pine membership has a validity period of 12 months from the date of membership upgrade or renewal. Upon expiry, if the Mira Pine member does not reach the required spending to maintain Mira Pine membership, the concerned member will be automatically converted to Mira Green member.
  13. Each individual is only entitled to have one (1) Membership account, regardless of the tiers of Membership.
  14. Member could register bonus points with valid receipts within 30 days from the transaction date by:
    1. Presenting the machine-printed/ handwritten receipt and matching electronic payment sales slip to Concierge, Mira Place 1; or
    2. Uploading the machine-printed/ handwritten receipt and matching electronic payment sales slip through the “Upload Receipt” function of Mira Place App.  Submission will be reviewed within 5 working days (member should keep the original receipt and matching electronic slip in case they are required for review). Upon approval, bonus points will be added to member’s account automatically and a confirmation will be sent to member’s registered email address. Record of all successful registrations will be available in “My Account” on Mira Place App for member’s checking within 1 year.
  15. For every HK$1 purchase, Member will be able to earn ONE Bonus Point; any amount under HK$1 will not be counted. The receipt amount must be HK$100 or above for bonus point registration.
  16. Member must present/ upload a set of valid receipts consisting of the original machine-printed/ handwritten receipt and matching electronic payment slip. Each set of receipt can only be registered once.
  17. Using the “Upload Receipt” function through Mira Place App, the maximum spending amount valid for each receipt uploaded is HK$5,000. If the spending amount of the receipt exceeds HK$5,000, member needs to register the receipt at Concierge, Mira Place 1.
  18. Using the “Upload Receipt” function through Mira Place App, member could upload one machine printed receipt and one matching electronic payment slips per transaction (only one electronic payment slip is required for F&B spending). If there is more than one machine printed receipt and/or electronic payment slip in the same transaction, member needs to register the receipts at Concierge, Mira Place 1.
  19. Using the “Upload Receipt” function through Mira Place App, only clear images of merchant’s machine-printed/ handwritten receipts and payment slips will be accepted. Member should ensure their mobile network is stable while uploading the images. Mira Place takes no responsibility for an unsuccessful upload in case of an unstable mobile network.
  20. A valid sales receipt must contain the transaction date, the name of merchant, the amount of transaction, the receipt number and the address of merchant. Staff of Mira Place reserves the right to photocopy and stamp on the receipts and registers the information for verification purposes if necessary.
  21. Reprinted receipts, receipts of banking service, monthly bills, mobile SIM card recharge, any add-value service and EPS cash withdrawal are not accepted.
  22. Receipts of any purchases or transaction through email or phone orders; online shopping, mobile APP; Mira e-Shop are not accepted, unless otherwise specified.
  23. Receipts of membership payments, tickets (including but not limited to concert tickets), purchases or transactions at banks, tuition, Gold Saving Club, insurance, broker fees, package tours, medical services, cosmetic services, currency exchange, parking fees, accommodation or conference room rental at The Mira Hong Kong, rental of exhibition venue or promotional venue at the mall, banquets (bookings of 5 tables or above) are not accepted.
  24. Only original machine-printed/ handwritten receipts from valid merchants are accepted.
  25. Only actual payment counts, i.e. total spending excludes discounts/coupons/cash coupons/credit card rebates; for cash installment/ deposits, only amount settled on the date of transaction counts. If the member subsequently cancels a purchase, points earned from eligible spending for that particular purchase will also be canceled.
  26. Receipts from merchants of Mira Place Tower A are not included in Bonus Points redemption.
  27. The upper limit for Bonus Point registration per transaction day per member is 30,000 Bonus Points for Mira Green and 50,000 Bonus Points for Mira Pine. Bonus Points is valid for 1 year from the date of account being activated or renewed. Unused Bonus Points will be automatically forfeited after the applicable expiry date.
  28. Mira Place reserves the right to determine the validity and applicability of those invoices/receipts for points earned, and to withhold the use of the points that Mira Place suspects are not validly or properly earned or if the same is tainted with fraud or irregularity or mistake, Mira Place’s decision shall be final and binding on the members.
  29. Mira Place may, at its sole determination, deduct from member’s remaining points:
    1. which are suspected to be fraudulently or incorrectly recorded or earned by member;
    2. relating to a transaction which is canceled or which does not exist;
    3. recorded in error; and
    4. which has already expired and cannot be used for redemption.
  30. Mira Place reserve the right to terminate the membership of any member immediately if they are found to have registered bonus points with counterfeit receipts, receipts stolen from another person or using the member account (including but not limited to registering member account, bonus points or redeeming rewards) in any dishonest way. The member’s bonus points to redeem any reward will be forfeited and entitlement to any member privilege or reward redemption will be revoked. Mira Place reserves the right to request a return of all redeemed rewards and to lodge a claim for compensation of any losses suffered.
  31. Members can redeem rewards or gifts with their bonus points. Quotas apply and redemption is on a first come, first served basis while stocks last. Each Member can redeem the same gift no more than 3 sets per day and per month; and no more than 10 sets of any gift per month (unless otherwise stated). Mira Place might amend the daily and monthly redemption quota of each gift/coupon according to the availability without prior notice.
  32. Miramar Group shall have no legal liability related to any aspects of the redemption items (including but not limited to premium liability, quality and maintenance) provided by the suppliers, and no compensation shall be offered by Miramar Group.
  33. Mira Place reserves the right to adjust the bonus points required, change or terminate the redemption program (including the terms and conditions) without prior notice.