Mira Place & 1O1O Present Hong Kong’s First E-parking Service

 “Touch-free Access” & “Free Parking Hour Redemption” Features

Committed to its customers-first belief, Mira Place launched Hong Kong’s first innovative e-parking service for shopping mall — e-PARKING in Mira Place App. Applying Internet of Things (IoT) technology, e-PARKING simplifies the parking process with a few clicks. Mira Place members can try out unique functions including parking space reservation, carpark navigation, parked car locator and online parking reservation payment by using e-PARKING in Mira Place App.




  • Touch-free Access
    Member could enable “Touch-free Access” by registering the car plate number, Octopus Card number and at least ONE valid credit card in the e-PARKING page. After enabling the function, member will only need to keep the e-PARKING page open and turn on Bluetooth in order to enter or exit the car park (no card-tapping required). Parking charges will be billed to the default credit card automatically when member exits the car park.


  • Parking Space Reservation
    Through the Mira Place App, member-drivers can make remote reservations. Customers will no longer wait in queue, and they can more effectively manage their time and make sure they will be on time for important meetings and appointments.


  • Charging Facility Reservation
    To offer a seamless parking experience, member-drivers can reserve charging facility through e-PARKING to ensure that they can charge their cars efficiently upon arrival.


  • Other Customer-oriented Services
    In order to enrich the whole experience, Mira Place also offers other thoughtful services for customers in e-PARKING. Through the powerful app, not only can member-drivers search for available parking space and reserve prams and wheelchairs and they can even also obtain butler services. e-PARKING can also arrange the most suitable parking space for different car models and display real-time parking information such as parking hours and accumulated parking fees.


  • Free Parking Hour Redemption
    Member could redeem 1 Hour or 2 Hour Free Parking* with earned member bonus points on “e-PARKING” for immediate use before exiting the car park.
(*Free Parking Hour redeemed via e-PARKING could not be used in conjunction with other parking promotions or complimentary parking coupon from individual tenant at the same time.)