Monthly Dining Guide

Cuisine Cuisine ‘s Exquisite Mooncake are now available for pre-order
Cuisine Cuisine (3/F, The Mira Hong Kong)
Tsui Hang Village (Shop 507)
Michelin recommended restaurant Cuisine Cuisine’s Egg Custard Mini Mooncakes are highly-sought after Mid-autumn treat. Together with Rose and Roselle, Mandarin Peels and Cumquat, and Black Sesame flavors, the newly launched Petit Four Mini Mooncake collection is best for gifting. All mooncake vouchers are now available for pre-order at both Cuisine Cuisine and Tsui Hang Village branches.Click here for more details

Chef Nic presents western and oriental mooncakes
Fortune Cookies (Kiosk B, L1)
Surprise! Parma Ham Mooncake? Chef Nic presents 2019 Mooncake with western and oriental flavors. We are now ready for pre-order, please send us a msg through whatsapp +852 98149412

hana-musubi Now OPENS!
hana-musubi (Shop 106)
hana-musubi is opening at Mira Place in the beginning of July! NEW menu set will be available at Mira Place to celebrate the grand opening! New menu set offers new Japanese mixed rice omusubi which contains brown rice or mixed grains for healthy lifestyle customers. With Japanese salad or fruit box which makes a nutritious meal!

Chocolat Double
LeTAO (Shop G65)
LeTAO proudly presents another best-selling signature: Chocolat Double is topped with no-bake cheesecake made of mascarpone cheese from Northern Italy and Hokkaido original fresh cream, and bottomed with a layer of rich, creamy baked chocolate cheesecake. A perfect blend of two distinctive flavors, the light, snowy cheese harmonizes with thick, smooth chocolate to create an irresistible savoring experience.

Enjoy Beer Offer 3 for 2 from M&S
Marks & Spencer Food (Shop G37)
Enjoy the special offer 3 for 2 from Marks & Spencer Food specially selected beers, the very best products that are not readily available elsewhere chosen by the team to offer the customers something different.

Mike’s Chicken Special for July 2019 “Arroz Gordo”
Mike’s Chicken Comida de Portugal Restaurant (Shop 167)
A traditional recipe Portuguese fried rice using seven ingredients together with tomato paste to create this dish that is only served on special occasions.
Mike’s Chicken will be offering a 50% discount for clients ordering this dish in July.

My Day Sunshine Sea Beach Tea Set
My Day (Shop 601)
Beat the heat this summer with My Day colourfully-presented Sunshine Sea Beach Afternoon Tea set, featuring specialty Mini Seafood burger, delicious savoury items and delicate desserts. The tea set is available daily from 2:30pm to 5:00pm. Come and try Sunshine Sea Beach Afternoon Tea Set now!

so thai so good (Shop 105)
Icy coconut ice cream served in a coconut shelf, comes with up to 6 Thai-specials toppings! Only exclusive at Mira Place branch!

Seasonal Cocktail of the Month (July)
The Chop House (Shop 301 & 305)
There are few fruits that carry the same cultural significance throughout human history as the mighty fig. Exclusively shaken in the month of July, we’ve crafted original cocktails with some inspiration from the fig, clearly the star of a show that has stood the test of time.

Other Dining Highlights

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