Exciting shops and exquisite cuisine have arrived at Mira Place!


Mue Mue (Shop 302, L3, Mira Place 1)

Reimagine Thai cuisine with Mue Mue’s bold Chinese twist. Handcrafted dishes, seasonal flavours, and artful presentation converge to deliver an unprecedented Thai dining adventure. Mue Mue, meaning ‘hands’ in Thai, embodies our commitment to handcrafted excellence and the warm ‘wai’ greeting of Thai culture. Join us for a truly distinctive dining experience that redefines Thai cuisine.

Kurasu Kyoto (Shop G65, G, Mira Place 2)

Kurasu Kyoto, the no.1 ranked Kyoto coffee shop on TripAdvisor, brings premium Japanese coffee to Mira Place, allowing you to savor high-quality coffee and desserts with a strong Japanese flavor.

Hee Kee Crab General (Shop 268-270, L2, Mira Place 2)

Hee Kee Crab General was established in Hong Kong in 1965 and now has branches throughout Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing and Guiyang. Diners must try the restaurant’s famous signature dish “Typhoon Shelter Style Fried Crab.

Meet Fresh (Shop 206, L2, Mira Place 1)

Sister and Brother Fu grew up in a family which has been farming for generations in the Feng Yuan District of Taichung, Taiwan. Using selected ingredients and traditional processes, they made soft taro balls and delicate herbal jelly desserts. They adhered strongly to the belief to serve customers the best tasting desserts and believed sincerity to be the key to customer’s satisfaction.

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MoshiMochi (Kiosk L1-E, L1, Mira Place 1)

Founded in 2015, MoshiMochi epitomizes a harmonious blend of delicate French-style pastries with the soft, chewy texture of mochi. Our cakes are handcrafted from scratch and assembled daily to guarantee utmost freshness, aiming to deliver to each customer the unique taste and inviting warmth of our small boutique.

VENATI L’arte Italia (Shop 286, L2, Mira Place 2)

Italian high-end wedding rings and jewelry Wedding Ring is a witness and promise when two are accompanied and sustained by each other. VENATI upholds the crafts of Italy’s wedding ring, without looking at its production cost, its unique designs are focusing on now-to-forever wearing on hands. VENATI brings you the most comfortable, durable and beautiful shapes wedding rings for your witness and promise.

Cherie Jewels (Shop 265, L2, Mira Place 2)

Chérie Jewels is a luxury fine jewelry brand that redefines the concept of everyday elegance. Our collection showcases exquisite jewelry that effortlessly transitions from day to night, allowing individuals to express their unique style and radiate confidence in every moment. We are driven by a passion for craftsmanship, design, and empowerment, offering pieces that blend timeless beauty with modern sensibilities.

LUXE Tuxedo (Shop 175-176, L1, Mira Place 2)

LUXE Tuxedo founded in 2012 by Edmond So, a famous singer and pop-star known as ‘So-Boss’ in Hong Kong. LUXE Tuxedo is the first in the territory specializing in male attire services. We have been providing professional styling services and men attires to many artists. We are dedicated to providing a wide range of high quality formal wears including tailor-made and ready-made business suits and tuxedo, individualized styling services and full range of accessories.

Diamond ICQ (Shop 362, L3, Mira Place 2)

Diamond ICQ, Hong Kong’s esteemed diamond specialist. Boasting over 30 years of wholesale expertise, our location offers professional services for diamond retail and pre-owned jewellery. Explore our exquisite collection, experiencing unparalleled quality and trust in the heart of Mira Place, where every diamond tells a story of excellence.

VC Walker (Shop 132A, L1, Mira Place 1)

VC Walker was founded in Hong Kong. We aims to produce original and high-quality designed accessories to our customer. We design the products integrating simplicity and trending elements that accompany with your every moment. The accessories are mainly made of stainless steel, 14k gold-plated copper and sterling silver, decorated with semi-gemstones and crystals. VC Walker also provide customize service that allow you engrave your message on the bangle.

SKULLPIG (Shop G28, G, Mira Place 1)

SKULLPIG – Korean No.1 Yoga & Athleisure Apparel. Everywhere, every wear. All products are 100% made in South Korea. SKULLPIG’s various signature series are comfortable, breathable, and supportive. Having an ideal lifestyle with SKULLPIG together!

I-PRIMO (Shop G17&18C, G, Mira Place 1)

I-PRIMO, the largest wedding ring specialty brand in Japan, established in 1999. While the brand philosophy is “making PRIMO (the best) dreams into PRIMO (supreme) happiness in the shape of a ring”, with over 20 years of experiences I-PRIMO provides large varieties of engagement ring and wedding ring designs, personalized customer service by conscientious and knowledgeable staff, along with after-sales support available not only in Japan but also at all branches in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, providing the most ideal and destined wedding rings for all couples.

ONE BOY (Shop G31, G, Mira Place 1)

ONE BOY – Taiwan’s leading brand of lightweight functional clothing.

In 2008, ONE BOY has paved the way as the leading brand of lightweight functional apparel in Taiwan. ONE BOY embodies the unique qualities of boys – adventurous, passionate, and yearning for freedom. From carefully selected fabrics to design and tailoring, every detail is meticulously inspected to provide an unparalleled comfortable wearing experience. Every piece of clothing is designed to face the challenges of four seasons adventure. Clothing is not just a product for us, it is a belief, a passion for life. We accompany you through daily challenges and even as the environment changes rapidly, what ONE BOY pursues is still the same.

THE ASH (Shop G07, G, Mira Place 1)

THE ASH, a premium headwear store founded in 2003. Dedicates to phase in headwear cultures and products from Hong Kong and all around world over 17 years. Rooted in Hong Kong, THE ASH has always been supporting the promotion of our local headwear brands, and keep looking forward to collect more stylish headwear products. Currently, THE ASH is the official dealer of over 10 international and regional brands.

Bake Your Own (Shop B126 – B130, B1, Mira Place 1)

Have you ever tried out the special experience of self-service baking studios in Hong Kong? The culture is derived from the small houses in HK and people’s need of an equipped co-working kitchen to do some baking. You can find traditional Chinese baked goods on our menu, where you can “bake your own” by following an electronic-instructor. There will also be assistants onsite to help you if you need them. Come join a Hong Kong style co-baking workshop!

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